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Master Installer: Laminate & Wood
Today’s consumers expect flooring installers to deliver a top quality flooring installation. That’s why Quick-Step has developed the 'Quick-Step Master Installer Course'. With this course, Quick-Step trains and accredits experienced floor fitters who take pride in their skills and professional workmanship.


The three-day training is intense yet very rewarding. The programme includes a mixture of discussions, presentations, one-to-one mentoring throughout the course and up to five practical installations in dedicated training bays. Day three of the course is a full day of Assessement.


The Quick-Step Master Installer Course offers a balanced mix of technical explanations, presentations and practical sessions. It will cover the following topics in great detail:

  • Health & safety
  • The flooring process and the manufacturing of laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring
  • Wood structure and water and their relationship to drying, movement, moisture, saturation and humidity
  • Subfloor preparation, types, moisture meters, calculations, smoothing compounds and contaminates
  • Adhesive types & application
  • Laminate flooring products, underlays, layouts, installation, underfloor heating, stair cases and maintenance 
  • Real wood Engineered, manufacturing, underlays and acoustics, layouts, installation, underfloor heating, repairs and maintenance
  • Solid, engineered and laminate board replacement processes


The Master Installer Course is designed for professional flooring installers with at least two years' experience. The course builds on their knowledge of pre-installation evaluations, screeds, adhesives and more difficult and intricate flooring installations.


On the last day of the course, each participant will be asked to complete a specific task within a certain time frame in one of the training bays. This task will be evaluated by the Training Manager.

Quick-Step will actively promote the skills and professional workmanship of qualified Master Installers. For this reason only the very best flooring installers will receive the Quick-Step Master Installer certification.


Lunch will be provided. All tools required for each course will be provided at the Academy.


  • Get listed as certified installer on
  • Carry the prestigous Quick-Step Master Installer ID card
  • Offer customers the optional lifetime installation warranty
  • Receive van stickers identifying you as a Quick-Step Master Installer